Lincoln Club Futebol



Published Dec 3, 2018

LCF announces its first two open tryout sessions for its 2019 UPSL Pro Premeir Squad. Begining first Sunday December 30th (12-3pm) and its second session Sunday January 6th 1-4pm at Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smith Field RI (inside the Bubble field).

LCF is excited to open to the public two sessions inorder to give the areas aspiring talent an oppurtunity to showcase there talent and have a chance to go to preseason as a LCF player. 

LCF is an UPSL Northeast Confrence Pro Premier club competing in US Soccers 4th division as an amateur pro developent club. Our goal is to provide the area an entertaing brand of soccer by promoting the areas best players and training them in such way to allow a path to further their soccer careers.

Have what it takes to get to the next level? Want to join LCF? Sign up today @ register for your spot at this years open tryout!

Força LIncoln